Quick Intro: Erin, Roko and Spud

December 08, 2019

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If I was going to sum myself up in one of our toys, it would definitely be the bat shit crazy one.  It was modeled after myself after all.  And you know what they say, like attracts like, so Spud and Roko aren’t far off that mark either.  I say that in the most loving way possible.  There is nothing wrong with being a little bit on the cray cray side. 

I have had Roko for about a year and a half.  He is an international citizen being born in the Ukraine.  He came to Canada and was rehomed at 6 months of age to a nurse.  Her long hours ended up being too much for the little guy and she made the hard decision to rehome him again.  I always hear people complain about individuals who adopt a dog and end up returning them, however I have a different view.  I realise that there are circumstances in life that happen that change your home situation at any time.  Work, health, money.  This is just reality.  Most of the dogs I have owned have either been rehomed or adopted (and I am also not one of those people who believe that buying a dog is wrong, I just believe that you need to choose your breeder wisely and ethically).  So, if it wasn’t for people’s individual circumstances changing and giving these amazing critters up, then they would not have come into my life.  And I am so grateful for all of them coming into my life.  In whatever way they came.  Some of them have had sad stories and others such as Roko, have had a good story… just wrong circumstances that turned into the right one.  I love this little crazy man with all my heart, but make no mistake, he is literally crazy.

Spud.  Spud has only been with me for about 6 months.  Prior to Spud I adopted a senior French bulldog, Boomer.  Boomer passed away this spring due to congestive heart failure.  I love adopting senior dogs, but I will tell you this, you never get enough time with them.  It goes really fast.  Spud is the same.  After Boomer passed, I happened to look at the pages of the local rescue and there was this old sad English Bulldog looking up in the picture and my heart just melted.  I went and got him the next day.  If I could adopt 20 dogs I would.  I am a whole heartedly (and proud) crazy dog lady.  Spud is the quirkiest dog and he makes me laugh every day.  He is scared of everything, has this ridiculously high bark for such a grumpy looking solid brick, is crabby as shit and snores like a mofo.  Unfortunately, Spud is already showing signs of old dog syndrome.  However, I am hoping he sticks around with us a while longer cause I get a laugh from his weirdo antics every day. 

This was a quick intro, however, follow along on our blog and Instagram to learn more about not only these two but our past furbabies that have pretty unique stories as well.  Quick example, I had a one-eyed French Bulldog named Bernie who head butted two mini Poodles off of the Vancouver seawall into the ocean.  I jumped in along with the owner to fish them out and when I looked up and made eye contact with Bernie, he just gave me a smirk and bolted.  And I just stood there all soggy with an angry Poodle owner beside me, shut my eyes and slowly shook my head.  This was a typical day with him.  I consider him my K9 soulmate.  But he was a shit.

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