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February 23, 2020

Dolly Parton the dog lucky bubs pet store

So when you hit the ripe old age of 40 you get an over 40 manual mailed to you.  The first question in the manual is ‘Are you single?’, if the answer is yes, then the manual suggests you move back in with your parents… ok, check.  The list goes on, get bifocals… check, only get checked out by hot men when you are standing in the incontinence aisle in the pharmacy with a box of Poise pads in your hand… ughhhh check (side note, Save on Foods can you please move this section away from right beside the pharmacy counter desk??  People with MS like myself and mothers everywhere will thank you), adopt more dogs than reasonably possible for one person to handle… check check check (another side note, I totally understand the slippery slope to ‘crazy cat lady’ status).  So in saying this, I would like to introduce Dolly Parton.  I have had Dolly Parton for almost two months now but haven’t introduced her yet as she was integrating into my little family.  Dolly Parton came from a puppy mill and was dropped off at a rescue shelter right after giving birth to puppies.  Her name stems from the fact that she had massive mammaries which were obviously full of milk.  I don’t know what happened to the puppies, but given the shape that Dolly Parton was in, it probably wasn’t good.  I said this in an earlier blog post, but I want to say it again.  I have no issue with people buying a dog from a conscientious proper breeder.  All I ask is that you research who you are getting your puppy from and the conditions that the dogs live in.  I have adopted a few dogs from rescues that came from puppy mills where they were abused, kept in their crates 24/7, were malnourished and inbred.  They had no muscle on their body’s and their paws were soft like a baby’s bottom from zero exercise and being confined to their crates.  In Dolly Parton’s case, she has multiple scars on her belly from caesarians from past births and she is only two years old.  She was definitely being bred back to back and when they were done with her, they dumped her at a rescue with a bunch of other females in a similar condition.  This type of breeder would have probably met you in a parking lot to show you the puppies because this dog was living in poor conditions.  So please, if you are buying a specific kind of dog from a breeder, do your research and see their living conditions.  If not, you are potentially supporting the abuse of these poor little animals.

Ok I will now get off my soapbox and tell you a bit about Dolly Parton so far.  This dog is an absolute hellion (I say this in the most loving way possible) and this is very typical of any dog that I adopt haha.  She is smart, quick and curious.  She has adapted to her new surroundings faster than any other rescue dog I have had so far.  I love her, but oh man some days haha.  Wherever she goes she leaves a wake of mass destruction, is into everything and is very agile for a small Frenchie cross.  This dog can literally get on kitchen counters.  But the positive note is her and Roko are besties already.  They constantly must be touching each other and will spoon all day everyday.  Spud the grump is ok with this as long as they don’t make noise or play during his ‘quiet time’, if they do he lets them know to shut the fuck up.

But really, Dolly Parton just lives to be touched (don’t we all).  She loves to snuggle in and nudges your hand to be pet.  She has shown no aggression which is awesome, since a lot of the bully breeds I have had before had aggression issues.  This is difficult for me if they have aggression as I struggle to be the alpha hahaha… and you have to be the alpha with any type of bully breeds or good luck getting them to listen to you.  This really makes the decision to get a third dog a questionable one as my life was already a constant shitshow.  She really ups the ante on that alright. 

Even though I question my decision making abilities on a daily basis hahaha, I know that she was right for my little family.  I have always found in life that everything good that has come to me, came at the complete wrong timing.  However only afterwards I realised that it was actually the right timing all along.  This is no different.

Ps.  You don’t get a manual mailed to you at 40, that was a joke…. But the bifocals are no laughing matter

Pps.  Being 40 is still the best btw, love it!


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